Paddy dryer with Bed Dryer

The paddy conditioner to paddy and other grains by tempering and moisture balance after each drying stage of drying process by subject. The grains to controlled cross flow of ambient air. Bed dryer with steam heat exchanger or flu gas heat exchanger is unique system driers. The boiled paddy quickly reduces the moisture to 6-10% (per passage) within 2-3 minute without any damage to the grain in quality and colour.

LSU type ‘v’ Port Dryer

The LSU(Luisiana State University) type continuous mixed flow type dryer, it has a form of large rectangular bin with many inverted ‘V’ shaped ports connecting to opposite bin walls grain is circulated through hot air repeated until the moisture content is reduced to desired level discharged from the bin.

Par Boiling Plant

The Parboiling of paddy as name states is a hydrothermal process in which the starch granules within the rice grain is gelatinized by the application of steam and hot water. This process offers several advantages such as increased yield if head rice, increased shelf life of the grain resistance towards fungus, rodents & insects, improved nutrition value of rice, resistance to infestation during storage, above all lower broken as compared to raw rice and induction of good cooking characteristics. Thus increase milling profits to rice mills.

What our customers say

We had 10 acres of farm and were selling the crops for other vendors, decided to buy a paddy conditioner with bed dryer. Millmech Engineering helped us to yield more profit with the help of their machineries.

― Amman Rice Mill – Vellanoor, Tamil Nadu

While thinking about starting a rice mill, one of my friend suggested Millmech Engineering. They helped me in setting-up with LSU Paddy dryer with Fluidized bed dryer which still works without any defect even after 6 years.

― Ramesh – Salem, Tamil Nadu

Our Success


Since we opened in 2003 we’ve seen more 150+ happy customers who testimonies with their higher profit margin with the help of our machineries .


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